Private clients find our consolidated reporting highly habit-forming as they get a clear overview – on a daily basis

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Most of our private clients have sold their companies for a considerable sum of money, but then lost access to the finance department previously managing their bookkeeping.

The HEMONTO-solution can release private individuals from all administration. Instead, you will receive clear and comprehensible reports with daily updates on the development of your security investments. The reports always include the portfolios’ performance consolidated, individually and compared to one another. Moreover, private clients can feel comfortable knowing that they have an independent financial department to safeguard their interests.

We work determinedly to tailor our reports to fit the needs and requests of our clients.



Overview is the key to success, and the HEMONTO-solution provides you with a daily consolidated overview across your selection of banks and portfolio managers



We set no restrictions on your selection of preferred portfolio managers. A flexibility that helps you to diversify risk and ensures a more stable return



Our solution offers an independent and confidential business partner that operates with the highest degree of professionalism, security, and discretion



We release you from all administration of vouchers, reconciliations, and accounts, which are replaced by tailor-made consolidated reporting, risk management, and controlling