Daily updates

Daily consolidated reporting enables you to maintain the total overview of your investments, and act instantly when unexpected events occur. Our Consolidated reporting features both key figures, to gain an immediate overview, and the ability to drill down, whenever there is a need or wish for a deeper understanding of a portfolio’s composition or development. It is always possible to gain an immediate status of the development in your portfolios both consolidated, separately, and in comparison to each other.

Our core strength is to consolidate at every level, and we always tailor our solutions to meet individual needs and requests. Moreover, we include alternative investments and non-bankable assets in our consolidated reporting.

Our clients are high net worth and ultra-high net worth investors who want an objective and independent consolidated overview across their selection of banks and portfolio managers.

Clear and comprehensible

With the HEMONTO-solution we undertake all practical administration with vouchers, reconciliations and accounts. All administration is replaced with clear and comprehensive reports providing our clients with instant knowledge and insight.

The basis of professional decision-making

 Our solution is transaction-based and complies with international standards for performance measurement. We mirror all transactions and continuously reconcile against your portfolio managers and custodian banks to ensure top accuracy in our reporting.

We believe that portfolio manager diversification generates substantial benefits, and we set no restrictions to your choice of banks or portfolio managers. Furthermore, we accept the use of portfolio managers´ own custodian banks which often reduces costs.

We offer a more flexible and cost-efficient solution compared to global custodies without compromising on our clients´ ability to act globally