A secure solution

All our solutions are based on a state of the art security level, and all our IT is outsourced to Itadel, a market leading company in IT-operations and security.

Our solution provides you with a private webportal where all your reports are archived. The webportal can only be accessed by two-factor authentication – a password and a security key code.

With your authorisation, it is also possible to allow access to an advisor or accountant.

Business procedures

All our daily operations are based on fully documented business procedures. Thereby, we ensure a consistent and secure process in all of our operations.

Separation of duties

The Hemonto-solution ensures that you are secured functional separation between execution and reporting. Banks and portfolio managers act as the executing part whereas we undertake all administration and the reporting task.

Our independency is your guarantee for an objective treatment of all data and results


Discretion is a fundamental value for HEMONTO and a recurrent element in all our operations. Our discretion includes clients, banks, portfolio managers, and other stakeholders.