Hemonto laver controlling af udgifter til kapitalforvaltning

Extended Monitoring

Get transparency in your investment costs with a complete overview of your direct and indirect costs.

Get extended monitoring of your investments so you can feel confident that your investments are managed optimally and as agreed

Reporting from Hemonto provides you with monitoring of your investments.

However, with extended monitoring, we monitor your investments right down to transaction level and deal with all issues, whether they are related to costs, allocation to asset classes or something else.

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With our extended monitoring, you get

  • Transparency in your costs – we provide you with a complete overview of your costs. Including the indirect ones.
  • Certainty that you are not paying more than agreed – we control your costs related to all transactions and fees. And we handle the dialogue with your asset manager in case of any inconsistencies.
  • The best possible terms for your investments – we analyze and evaluate whether your costs are competitive or whether there is a basis for optimization.
  • Certainty that your assets are managed as agreed – we provide you with an overview of the agreements with your asset managers and whether they are complied with or not.
  • Follow-up in case of any deviations from your agreements with the asset managers – we investigate potential breeches of the agreements with your asset managers and keep you informed.

We doublecheck the “receipt” from your asset manager and ensure that you don’t pay more than agreed

It is unavoidable that mistakes occur from time to time – also in relation to your asset management. However, even small mistakes can be costly affairs when investing for millions.

Therefore, we doublecheck all your costs related to all transactions and fees – regardless of whether 500 or 10,000 transactions have been made. As a result, we regularly discover mistakes related to everything from management fees, trading costs, account and deposit fees to kickbacks from mutual funds and investment funds.

Last year we discovered mistakes in more than 50% of the agreements we checked and our customers were reimbursed for a large amount. When we discover a mistake, we contact your asset manager and ensure that your erroneous charge is refunded. Last year alone, we secured refunds for our clients for erroneous charges of nearly 2 million USD.

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Your Hemonto-team monitors your investments and follows up in case of any deviations from the agreements with your asset managers

If you have several asset managers and different investment agreements with each, it can be difficult to maintain an overview of who works under which terms and whether they comply with them. We give you this overview.

We continuously monitor your investments, and when we discover an error or a deviation from your agreements with the asset managers, we examine the reason for the deviation. As such, you don’t have to spend time examining any deviation yourself.

When we discover an actual breach that you have to react to, we immediately report it to you so that you can always be confident that your assets are managed as agreed.

We create transparency in your costs

Keeping an overview of all the costs related to your investments can be a complex and time-consuming task. Especially when you have indirect costs related to investments in mutual funds, ETFs, structured products or the like.

We give you a complete overview of all your asset management costs – both consolidated and for each portfolio. And as we present the figures on a uniform basis, the overview makes you able to compare the cost levels of the different asset managers.

If you do not have the time or resources internally, we can also help assessing whether the cost levels of your different asset managers are competitive and whether there is an opportunity for optimizing.

Hemonto giver investorer evaluering og sparring

Do you want to know more about our extended monitoring?

Rasmus Lund Madsen, Partner & Head of Client Relations i Hemonto
Rasmus Lund Madsen

Partner & Head of Client Relations

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